Friday, December 25, 2009

Slowly becoming a big boy

Fiona is slowly teaching Stalin to lunge. It is going to be a very slow process until his baby brain can concentrate for longer than about 2 seconds.
He is happy wearing a roller, saddle blanket and boots already, altho he's also quite happy to chew on them and rub his face all over them as well.

After he'd had a very short trot on the lunge he got to pretend his was a big boy and stand at the mounting block so I could lean over him. I think I have brought another Dawky since Stalin walks into the mounting block everytime and doesnt care.
He was more worried about all the flies on his legs than having me leaning on him, but he stood nice and still.

Then Fiona pretended to leg me up while I bounced up and down feeling sort of stupid. He didnt even care when I bounced up and leaned over his back. Such a cruisy pony.

Im heading to the beach for a few days now so I will look forward to seeing if Stalin has mastered moving forwards on the lunge when I get back :D

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