Tuesday, June 22, 2010

They grow up so fast

This morning while lazing around procrastinating about doing homework and going to work I opened up the Stalin's add. The skinny, gangly and to be honest, quite ugly looking thing that was advertised as "a very attractive boy who loves attention & is a super quiet type" has become such a different pony.

His first 'real outing' is in 4 days time. It may only be 2 of the 'walk and trot training dressage tests' but it's a milestone. The first time we attempted a trot he tipped over and gave me a nice concussion, yet now we can canter around the arena on the right lead (most of the time).

The scrawny little bag of bones and worms that came off the transporter is now a fat, healthy, big and muscly star. Yes he's still a very spethal boy and has a lot to learn and must remember that Mum is actually the boss and he doesn't know better than her. But he is awesome.

Hopefully everything will go well this weekend and he'll start to develop a fan club :D

Top image: 23 jan. Bottom image: 22 March

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  1. He's looking fabulous. Well done and I hope all goes fantastically on the weekend.